Found things

Literary Starbucks. I never go to Starbucks but I love these micro worlds. Here’s a sample: Haruki Murakami goes up to the counter and tries to order something off of Starbucks’ secret menu. The notion that there might be a secret menu surprises the barista, who has never heard of such a thing. Murakami is disappointed, but not particularly surprised, and decides to order a glass of steamed milk with a squirt of cinnamon syrup. While waiting by the counter, he listens to the jazz coming through the speakers, taps his foot, and remembers when he used to run a coffee shop. That had been a good time. He is so distracted by the past that he doesn’t notice when a small cat begins to lap up his order. He snaps out of his reverie and chases the cat off. Later in the day, he goes looking for the cat, hoping to make reparations. He never finds it.

Swoon’s vessels sent back out into the snow. There’s something even more beautiful about them outside in the woods.Swoon (photo © Jaime Rojo of Brooklyn Street Art)

New earrings – won unexpectedly from The Silver Forge

Strange and beautiful kinetic Insecta lamps by U-Ram Choe






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