Green Jay and Crow

The half-forgotten streets of Barlewin, in the shadow of the High Track, are a good place to hide: among the aliens and couriers, the robots and the doubles, where everyone has secrets.

Like Eva, a 3D-printed copy of another woman, built to be disposable. She should have disintegrated days ago…and she hasn’t.

And now her creator wants her back.

A weird and twisted transhumanist tale about love, self-discovery, time-travel, alt-history, people who are plants, plants who are people, and a 3D-printed woman on a journey to find her place.

In Green Jay and Crow, DJ Daniels presents a powerful tale of humanity, identity, and the hope that drives us all.


“A brilliant story that celebrates existence and survival on the newfound edges of life, and love. The fight back against disposability starts here!” (Jeff Noon)

“Daniels’ novel earns its comparisons to Philip K. Dick…this is a story that explores what it means to be real, to be human–and to be neither.” (Jeff Somers Barnes & Noble)

“The book probes the nature of sentience thought-provokingly, while also depicting a richly imagined, thoroughly lived-in world…a striking and memorable novel.” (SFX Magazine)

Available from Rebellion Publishing

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