Out in the World

Coming of Age in the Australian Short Story Festival’s Strangely Enough Anthology November 2023

Hovering February 2022 Luna Press 

Cracticus  Aurealis #134, September 2020.

Green Jay and Crow Rebellion Publishing, December 2018.

An Unexpected Season in So It Goes, Issue 6, November 2017. (shortlisted for the Rachel Funari Prize for Fiction)

Dr Kytos and the Lightning Box in Andromeda Spaceways Magazine #67, June 2017

A Room of Her Own in Tabula Rasa, February 2017

Suburban Canticle in Aurealis #84, September 2015

A Song for Alice published by Acidic Fiction on November 21st 2014

Familiarity in Plasma Frequency’s September/October 2014 issue

A Day at the Beach, was published in Luna Station Quarterly’s March 2014 issue. (Issue 17)

SWAMPWriting’s Issue #10 has my short story: The Beginning of Human Flight: The True Story.

And last, but not least, my long lost and probably very-difficult-to-find novel, What the Dead Said


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