In the Night Garden

Tabula Rasa is curating In the Night Garden, one of the events of the 2013 Sydney Fringe Festival. And a few of my words are going to be there, illuminated as part of the night.

Here’s a summary:

In the crevices of a darkened world in the back streets of St Peters glow exotic urban flowers that bloom but once a year and only at night. In the night garden light sculptures, installations and projections burnish the inky darkness, creating a sensory, evocative world, full of salacious suggestion, delicate beauty and an ominous shiver of fear. … Tucked into corners, skirting the line between heresy and transgression, the night garden feeds on folklore and superstition. So follow the glimmer along Mays Lane to visit the night garden that blooms at Tortuga Studios, its tendrils lighting the sultry dusk of Applebee and Hutchinson Streets from sunset on Friday September 13th 2013.





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