Goodbye Nemo

Our dog, Nemo, died yesterday. Three days ago he was, we thought, fine. Turning cartwheels at food time and ferociously defending his turf. Two days ago he didn’t eat. We thought it was probably a bin raid gone bad. But by yesterday morning there was obviously something wrong, and by the end of yesterday he was gone. A stomach cancer that ruptured.
Nemo was a street dog that we rescued just before he was due to be put down. A staffy cross. Beautiful to people, horrible to other animals. He was the fiercest fighter in the dog lizard wars. We only had him just over a year but the hole he has left is huge. When you came home he would come to the door and greet you with a weird dog attempt at language. His tail would thump whenever he saw you. He was terrified of thunderstorms and would curl up under the desk or in the bathroom, trembling with fear. All that remains of him now is a stinky dog bed and a doggy patch in front of the heater.
I only have an old picture to post, because our computer has just died too. Although there is some hope for its uncertain resurrection.
I hope the wheel starts its upward turn soon.
Nemo and Pipper






One response to “Goodbye Nemo”

  1. beth Avatar

    So sad

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