I read a very enjoyable short story over the weekend which, as a side note, suggested that arty/creative people were more emotionally complex than, well, their everyday counterparts. I’ve been mentally protesting this idea ever since and so listened with interest to Dr. Nancy Andreasen on Radio National. I’m very drawn to her research which posits a cognitive style for the creative thinker with a highly developed capacity to form original associative links. Creative thinkers in both the arts and the sciences. She gave some wonderful descriptions of physicists lost in thought and reaching, intuitively, for solutions. Have to admit that one of her studies showed a link between mood disorders (manic depression and depression) and creativity. Although the subjects of this study were exclusively writers. Not quite sure what to make of that!

And now, because it’s hard to be depressed when The Doctor is around, a bit of fan fiction, or perhaps fan puppetry:
The Doctor Puppet





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