Daisy Tintania


This skeletal but well-dressed lady from artist Michael Thomas reminds me a lot of my character Daisy Tintania in What the Dead Said. So much so, I’ve had some cards printed up and I’ll be handing them out at Galaxy Bookshop in Sydney on 30 August as part of a book signing.  Fellow Dragonfall author Gary Stowe will be there too. If you’d like to know a little more, take a look at this Galaxy post.



Threads from my cyberspace travels:
Supermoon. Beautiful photos abound. Also beautiful are these colour-coded maps of the planets, moons and asteroids created from spacecraft and telescope information. These two are Ganymede and Venus

Over at io9, I found Adam WarRock’s When the Winter Comes rap. (based, of course, on the Song of Fire and Ice)
I also found Zen Pencils’ wonderful illustrations.

Writers: For those of you who like to meet pain head on, try the Rejection Generator Project. But for others who just need a helping hand to improve their writing, then McSweeneys has some (reasonably) useful advice from Colin Nissan. Or, if nothing will flow, try a little Book Spine Poetry.
Unfortunately, the poetry at our house is a little repetitive.

Yes, my box of books has arrived! If you’re feeling lucky (and live in Australia) put your name down, very quickly, on the Goodreads giveaway.

Ray Guns and Other Good News


This week my first novel, What the Dead Said, has made it out into the world. Not only that, but a short story of mine, The Beginning of Human Flight: The True Story, has been accepted for issue 10 of SWAMP. But, perhaps more impressively, my sister has created a ray gun out of things she found lying around at home. Now, which one of us would Dr Who find more useful? She lets you know how to make one too over at her blog.