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  • Goodbye Nemo

    Our dog, Nemo, died yesterday. Three days ago he was, we thought, fine. Turning cartwheels at food time and ferociously defending his turf. Two days ago he didn’t eat. We thought it was probably a bin raid gone bad. But by yesterday morning there was obviously something wrong, and by the end of yesterday he…

  • Nature of the beast

    I’ve been putting together some thoughts for my next book. There will be strange, hybrid creatures and there will be humans who become partly animal, slightly other. I’ve been thinking about how that will change them, because of course it must. I don’t like to admit to being influenced by physiology. But, if I’m honest,…

  • Nemo

    We have a new/old dog. Just adopted from a dog rescue place. A placid, loveable thing with a wonderful name: Nemo! Here he is with our old/not so old dog (Pipper) and some random legs.