ebooks – where are you?


Finished A Feast for Crows yesterday afternoon. Devastated by the demise of Brienne, missing Tyrion, wanting to upload A Dance with Dragons ready for the week’s commute/waiting for children/times when I just feel like reading. It was not available. Slightly stunned I tried for other, recently published, books on my to-read list. None available. Tried Angus and Robertson online instead, no luck there either. Finally settled for Alexander McCall Smith, which jumped out at me and which I, a sinking ebook buyer, desperately clutched at.
What is this ebook discrimination?? I don’t get it.

To E or not to E


Ebooks:  Good for taking down to the station to await the return of young zombies, Bad for reading in bed.  Good for books you want to catch up on but don’t want to pay too much for, bad for something I think I might seriously Love.  Confession:  bought Terry Pratchett’s I shall Wear Midnight as an ebook, mostly because I didn’t want to pay $50 for it.    Hole in theory:  TP is much much better than the hard copy book I just bought at the bookstore, hoping to hide it in the credit card purchase of textbooks.    BUT there’s no way I would buy something like  Audrey Niffenegger’s The Night Bookmobile as an ebook.  (OK, moot point as she doesn’t like to epublish)

But if they can somehow get the pictures to move….?  Then all bets are off.