A techno Doctor and other bots of note


I’ve been taking a quick, running look at the Digital Writers Festival. I’ve added something about my writing space at Mapping the Words, (I’m all jammed in with the other Sydney writers) and I’ve tried to spot truly human poems in a literary Turing Test at Bot or Not. For example:
The other,
the Romantic search:
Now I watch you.
is computer generated.

And so is this:

The moon rises like a small shore.
Cold, lively lads swiftly desire a sunny, misty ship.
Ah, desolation!
Gulls travel like rough girls.

But this:

Only themselves understand themselves, and the like of themselves,
As Souls only understand Souls.
was written by Walt Whitman (and according to the site, 70% of people thought this was a bot)

Maybe it’s all the editing I’ve done this week, but I feel a little bit bot or not myself.

So finally, for something restorative, the perfect meld of tech and human, how about this: